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What is matter?


1.  What is matter?

2. What are the 3 states of matter?

3. What do all matter have in common?

4. what are the 3 states of matter? Give 2 examples of each one.

5. Does the air weigh?

6..Does the air have weight?

7.  What are the 3 characteristics of matter?

What is matter

                What is matter?
Everything in the world is made up of solids, liquids and gases. These are known as the three states of matter. They are all substances that have mass and take up space because they have volume. All those things around you are made of matter, so are you, as are the Earth and stars in the sky. Solids, liquids and gases are made of molecules, which contain one or more atoms. In a solid, the molecules are bound together so strongly that its shape usually stays the same. In a liquid, the molecules are more loosely connected so that the liquid flows easily but has a level surface. In a gas the molecules move randomly in any direction so that the gas has no shape


Experiment on matter

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States of Matter and Properties of Matter


1. In which different states can we find water in nature?

2. True or false:
All the 3 states exist at the same time.

3. When does water expand?

4. Is solid water more or less dense than liquid water?

5. What is the consequence of that?

6. What is the consequence of glass containers in a freezer? and of ice?

7. What is the boiling point of water?

8. What is the most popular property of water ?

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History of the Holidays: Easter | History

Spain/Spain Regions/Country of Spain and rivers


1. How many watersheds are there in Spain?

2. What is the largest watershed in Spain?

3. What watershed has the shortest rivers

4. What rivers, except Ebro have irregular flow?

5. What are the main rivers in the Atlantic Watershed?

6. What  are the main rivers in the Cantabrian Watershed?

7. What  are the main rivers in the Mediterranean Watershed?