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1. Look at the chart


Examples with THE


1. Geographical Entities

a) Certain countries
(including those viewed as unions and federations)
The United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of China,  the Republic  of el Salvador….
England, Canada, India, Greece, Indonesia, France, Germany, Honduras, Egypt,

b) Lakes that form a complex

The Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes.
Lake Victoria, Lake Erie, Lake Titicaca, Lake Tahoe,

c) Mountain ranges

The Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes, the Alburz Mountains.
The names of single mountains usually begin with Mount and zero article:
Mount Kilamanjaro, Mount Everest.
The Matterhorn is an exception.
d) Island Chains
The Philippines, the Canary Island, the Solomon Islands, the Antilles. 

e) Oceans, seas, and gulfs

The Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, The Caspian Sea, the Gulf of Guinea, the Persian Gulf, the Bay of Bengal.
Hudson Bay,
Baffin Bay,
San Francisco Bay 

f) Straits

The Bering Strait, the Formosa Strait, the Strait of Gibraltar.

g) Deserts, plains, plateaus, and peninsulas

The Gobi Desert, the Sahara Desert, the Central Siberian Plain, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Great Plains, the Plateau of Tibet, the Mongolian Plateau, the Iberian Peninsula, the Korean Peninsula.

Kamchatka Peninsula.
h) Rivers and canals
The Amazon River, the Yangtze, the Rhein, the Panama Canal. The Suez Canal, the Grand Canal.

i) Terms of longitude and latitude
The Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, the Equator, the International Dateline, the Prime Meridian.

j) Celestial bodies
the sun, the moon, and the earth
All planets other than the earth: Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Mars.

2. Names of Newspapers      
Full or abbreviated. the Manchester Guardian, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post

3. Name of Governmental Bodies
The Department of Commerce, the Treasury Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI), the Central Intelligence. Agency (the CIA).

4. Titles of Officials

The President, the Prime Minister, the Vice President.

5. Organizations
The United Nations, the Seamen’s Union, the World Health Organization.

6. Names of parts of the Body

He was shot in the arm.
Parts of the body are also preceded by possessive determiners such as my, yours, his, her. E.g. My ears hurt.

7. Musical Instruments

The piano, the guitar, the trumpet, the violin, the keyboard, the drums, the bass.

8. Groups of people

The poor, the rich, the disabled, the brave, the innocent, the needy...

9. Well known buildings or works of art

The Empire State Building,
the Taj Mahal, the Mona Lisa, the Sunflowers.

10.Hotels, pubs 
and restaurants

The Ritz; the Ritz Hotel; the King’s Head; the Déjà Vu, the Hilton Hotel

If the name of the hotel or restaurant is the name of the owner, e.g. Brown’s Hotel, Morel’s Restaurant, etc.
11. Families

The Obamas,  the Jacksons, the Rodriguez

2. Copy on a piece of paper or print this short text, and fill in the blanks with INFORMATION you chose FROM THE CHART. Use the numbers  to know what information you can use. 


You are a member of _________________________ (11)
You are _______________________________(4) of _______________________________ (1 a)
You are on an international mission trip to go to:
__________________________________ (1b),
__________________________________ (1 c),
__________________________________ (1 d),
__________________________________ (1 f),
__________________________________ (1 g), and
 _________________________________ (1 h)
You will have to cross _______________________________ (1 e)
In order to help_____________________________(8).
You will stay at _________________________ (10).
You will be interviewed by a reporter from ______________________________ (2).
The reporter is writing an article for ____________________________ (5).
You will receive protection from __________________________ (3).
At the end of the trip you will be invited to a concert where musicians will play ___________________ (7)


Rebeca Rodríguez Cruz

You are a member of the Rodriguez (11). 
You are the prime Minister(4) of England  (1 a) 
You are on an international mission trip to go to: 
Lake victoria (1b),

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