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Ecosystems: Food Chain

Ecosystems: Food chain
Excellent powerPoint presentation made by 6th B students: Lina, Diego García, Natalia and Marwan

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Present Perfect - Just - Already - Yet

In this video it is explained clearly the use of just,yet and already because it is one of the most 
difficult  grammar issues for all students of English in the world.

Present perfect versus simple past

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Poppy Day 2013

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, launched The Royal British Legion's 2013 London Poppy Day
 at the Honourable Artillery Company. The aim of the day is to raise £1million in a single day in 
London to support the work of the Legion.

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Infectious and non infectiuos illnesses

 Video on diseases and their causes, infectious and non-infectious diseases, 
modes of transmission of diseases, treatment and prevention of diseases

Guy Fawkes

Remember, remember,

The fifth of November, 

The gunpowder, treason and plot. 

I know of no reason, Why the gunpowder treason,

 Should ever be forgot. - 

Pregnacy stages-Year 6B

Great presentation made by year 6 B students: Iván, Sergio, Daniel, Diego
Sarmiento and Joan. about the processes involved in pregnancy.

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Excellent presentation made by Natán Cano- Year 6 A about the stages or processes
carried out by human beings to create a new living person. One of the most amazing
processes of our humankind.

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Pregnancy- Fertilisation

This video shows us the first pregnancy stage: fertilisation or the union of spermatozoon and the ovum.

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Skeletal and Muscular System

This is a visual exploration of the skeletal and muscular system.This true-to-life video animation journeys through the skeletal and muscular system with an audio commentary. Enjoy this in-depth examination of the skeleton, bones, and joints and of how they are formed. Explore various muscles and muscle groups and how they contribute to physical movement.

Sense of touch

Human skin is the outer covering of the body, it is the largest organ of the human  system.It has multiple layers and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs of human body.

How smell and taste organs work

How the eye works

How the ear works

The interaction function word cloud

Word cloud useful to have a general picture of the key words and concepts of the topic.Word cloud made with WordItOut

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Song on physical or chemical changes

Find out the major differences between physical and chemical properties of matter. Do you remember the song, "Oblah-Di Oblah-Da?" If so, this will be easy to sing. Words and Chords are in "Docs" section on TeacherTube for "dsecms". OR BELOW:
The Properties Song: (Melody based on the song,
"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" by John Lennon and Paul 
McCartney) Lyrics by Doug Edmonds

Physical and chemical properties,
Help to tell what matter's all about.
All you have to do is know some simple facts,
That will help you separate the two apart.

What you see, what you hear, what you smell, yeah!
That's physical, your senses tell you so.
Can you measure the matter in some way?
That's physical for sure! Oh, by the way ...

Color, odor, size and state and boiling point, 
Or melting point or good ole' density,
And don't forget there's also solubility,
All of these physical properties that be.


But chemical properties are different.
They help us see if substances will change,
When they meet another substance in their way.
Their atoms may decide to get all rearranged!


Physical and chemical changes

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How to Pronounce -ed verb endings: American English Pronunciation

Penguins BBC

 Film maker and writer Terry Jones discovers a colony of penguins,
which are unlike any other penguins in the world.
Making of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzhDsojoqk8

Mass song


Mr. Edmonds reinforces how you find the volume of REGULAR
solid objects to the tune of "Downtown". If you teach "Properties of Matter",
this should reinforce vocabulary and procedures in L. 2. (Melody based on the song "Downtown" sung by Petula 


Matter- experiments

Simple Science Experiments for Kids

Science projects don't have to be expensive. Here are a few you can do at home with things you have around the house.

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